Yes, I'm 33 Years Old And Still Experiment With Pot (And It's Totally OK To Do)

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Remember back in the day when anyone who smoked pot every once in a while was unfairly labeled a pothead, with the perception that he/she was lazy and unmotivated? Turns out that old habits die hard, because some people still believe that's the case for anyone who enjoy marijuana.

We're here to tell you that's false, though, because, due to the legalization of pot in numerous parts of the world, people are proving that they're able to maintain functionality and be successful in life if they experiment with cannabis.

Contrary to what we were all told as youngsters, the war on weed is false, and we're here to give you five simple reasons why it's still OK to experiment with a little herb even as you get older.

It's More Accepted Nowadays

Unlike your teenage years when you were sneaking around trying to hide it from everyone and dropping Visine in your eyes to cover up the redness, marijuana has become more of a social activity than one hidden in the alleys behind someones garage.

In fact, a 2014 study from The Cannabist found that only one-third of adults said they thought weekly pot use was dangerous—which was down from half of adults in 2002—with the study surveying more than a half million U.S. adults.

Minimal Side Effects

Sure, there's always the risk of eating too many edibles and having a bad high or smoking yourself into oblivion, but I'm pretty sure no one has ever overdosed on marijuana to the point of death.

That said, if you are going to use, do so responsibly, starting small and working your way up—which you should do, remember, you're an adult now.

In a piece on Salon.com showing the side effects of marijuana compared to alcohol, it lists things such as damage to the brain, links to cancer and higher risk of injury more prominent in those who drink more than using cannabis.

It Can Improve Your Sex Life

Just yesterday, we wrote about new research from the University of Catania that identifies weed as quite the powerful aphrodisiac, with 70 percent of the people participating in the study saying they experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Pot gives you better control of your thoughts and decision-making than alcohol does—especially when it comes to using good judgement while having sex.

You're Using It Responsibly

According to the aforementioned 2014 study from The Cannabist—which surveyed more than a half million U.S. adults—8.4 million of them admitted to some sort of daily usage of marijuana. Tell us if you can tell when someone's high or not?

Unlike the days when you were just trying to smoke away your day because of boredom, adults are using pot for productive hobbies such as cooking, to increase focus on projects or for the various health benefits.

Even if you're just taking a gummy edible packed with 15mg of THC while at a sporting event, that's only enough to give you a high that will let you relax without packing on the beer carbs—and should wear off by the time the game's over.

It May Decrease Anxiety

Given the fact that we're always on our phones, laptops, tablets and anything else that keeps us connected to the rest of the world, we all have a hell of a lot of stuff to try and balance. Knowing that, it's really easy to get stressed out and feel overwhelmed under the weight and pressures of work and relationships.

Thanks to a 2010 study from Harvard University, though, low does of marijuana may actually reduce such anxiety and mellow someone out.

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