You Sure Can Use Silica Gel In A Bunch Of Awesome Ways (So Don't Throw Them Away)

Image via YouTube

While we love giving you sexy women, dating advice and a bunch of other tips and tools to be a better man, we're also big-time fans of life hacks, revealing a few things that will make your life easier, while also educating you a bit.

That's one of the reasons why we love the FactsVerse YouTube channel, as they often come up with a lot of random stuff that make our lives easier.

One of the Facts Verse videos happens to be strange uses for silica gel—otherwise known as those little packets in shoes, clothing or food to help keep them from moisture—which will, more than likely, surprise you a lot!


Like we have in the past with random ways toothpaste can improve your life—outside of just protecting your teeth and bad breath—it turns out silica gel can be used for a variety of things like drying out a wet cell phone and protecting your razor.

So, the next time you get a bunch of these little silica packets, resist the temptation to just throw them in the trash—because they could come in handy with other household tasks.

FactsVerse YouTube

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