You Won't Believe How Much An iPhone 2G Is Selling For These Days (Hint: The iPhone 7 Is Way Less)

Image via Ebay

Everyone might be trying to snag the newest iPhone to have recently hit the market, the iPhone 7, but if you're one of the few who still has his or her iPhone 2G laying around, you might want to consider selling it to collect a bunch of money.

That's because, according to The Daily Dot, the second generation iPhone—which debuted all the way back in 2007—has become somewhat of cult antique, with people asking as much as $9,999 on Ebay for one.

Via The Daily Dot:

Unlike most pieces of outdated tech which gradually get less and less desirable (and expensive) as time marches on, the original iPhone has somehow reversed things. In fact, a new iPhone 2G is now more expensive than it's ever been.

At this point, the iPhone 2G—which debuted way back in 2007—is a veritable tech antique. The phone was taken out of production in July of 2008, with 6.1 million units sold according to most estimates. It doesn't even run an official version of iOS, as the phone's most recent OS update, 3.1.3, debuted before Apple even called it iOS.

Unfortunately, with only about 6 million of the iPhone 2Gs even produced, supply will be tough to keep up with the demand. However, that only means that if you actually have one, you can amp up the asking price—assuming it's in solid condition.

iPhone 7s are going between $649-$749, so this is quite the gap in price, especially for an outdated model. But for those gadget collectors out there, this is something worth looking into. Plus, at least the 2G has a headphone jack, unlike the new 7.

H/T The Daily Dot