Your Definitive Guide To Cooking With Weed

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Whether you do, don't or occasionally consider smoking pot, one thing that has become a serious trend is cooking with the drug, as more and more people are discovering innovative ways to use cannabis to get their high.

Fortunately, things have progressed beyond those weed brownies that we all secretly ate in college.

That's why we wanted to get the sticky icky details from experts in the cannabis industry about what we need to know when mixing weed with food, so we interviewed Elise McDonough, Edibles Editor for High Times, Shauntel Ludwig, Director of Sales and Marketing for Da Vinci Vaporizers, and Anthony Franciosi, Founder of Honest Marijuana to give us the definitive guide to cooking with weed.

What's The Golden Rule When Cooking With Cannabis?

Briefly Describe The Process Of Using Weed For Cooking?

OK, Give Us A Basic Recipe We Can Try At Home As A Beginner

What Effects Should People Be Aware Or Concerned Of?

We've Gotten Drunk On Weed-Infused Wine Before And It REALLY Messed Us Up. Any Ideas Why It Felt So Trippy?

Along That Same Topic, Are There Some Foods/Drink That Absorb Weed Better Than Others?

What's Your Favorite Thing To Mix Cannabis Into While Cooking?

So, whether you're a beginner or someone whose been cooking with cannabis for awhile and just want some new advice, take these tips to the kitchen with you and get to it—and take your cuisine to a whole new level.

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