Your Eyes Will Never Want To Unsee This Incredible Sahara Ray Sideboob Pic

Image via Instagram/sahara_ray

Prior to today, the only thing I really knew about Sahara Ray was that that little pompous asshole Justin Bieber is, reportedly, dating her. After checking out Sahara's Instagram account, though, I may have a little bit more respect for the Biebs—because the girl is Banging with a capital "B."

The daughter of Aussie surfing legend Tony Ray, Sahara Ray realized she'd rather work in fashion than get all sandy at the beach, which seems as if it were a good idea, given the A+ hotness she's been putting in display lately.

That sideboob photo of her is easily one of the top-5 photos I've seen on Instagram this year, and it pains me to give Justin Bieber props, but, yeah, it's hard not to if he's really dating Sahara.