Yovanna Ventura's Latest Bikini-Clad Video Has Us Drooling (And Betcha You'll Be, Too)

If there's one lady who seems to has life figured out, it's 21-year-old model Yovanna Ventura, who just posted a sexy video of herself moving her hips and giving us all sorts of dirty thoughts on a yacht—and it's guaranteed to make you wish you had a boat for this summer.

Don't believe us that it's stone cold sexy? Take a look at the video yourself to see why we're busy cleaning up our drool.

And, of course, she's wearing a flesh-colored bikini. Doesn't that only make it that much hotter?

Now, this isn't really out of the ordinary for Yovanna, a model who hails from Miami and used to date Justin Bieber, but, let's face it, when a woman as stunning as she is decides to film herself provocatively and slowly moving her body around, it's something that's going to get our attention.

Oh, and if you're wondering why we can never get enough of Yovanna Ventura, just take a closer look at these pics of her and see why she's welcome to continue these sorts of sexy things anytime she wants to!

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