FHM - Sitemap - 2018 - February - Page 2

Sitemap 2018 February - Page 2

  1. Taylor Swift's Look-Alike Looks More Like Taylor Swift Than Taylor Swift Does
  2. Pro Skateboarder Elliot Sloan Tells Us What It's Like Pulling Jaw-Dropping Tricks
  3. Dr. Dennis Gross Schools Us On All Things Men's Skincare (Including How To Combat Winter Dryness)
  4. A Surprising Amount Of Men Would Sleep With A Robot, But Not Date One (WTF, Guys?)
  5. ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth Spills Thoughts On The NBA All-Star Game And Awkward Interviews
  6. Cooking In Nonstick Pans Could Lead To Serious Weight Gain (Per Study)
  7. Vegetarians Are "Less Healthy" Than Meat-Eaters, Per New Study
  8. Model Danielle Hayley Is A Fruit Juice Makin' Yoga Junkie Who We Adore
  9. A Guide To 30 Boozy Beverages Perfect For Any Occasion
  10. Guy Awkwardly Describes How He Broke His Nose "Going Downtown" On His Girlfriend
  11. Football Player Lowers The Boom On Opponent, Pretty Much Decapitates The Poor Soul
  12. Eating Slowly Has Shown To Increase Weight Loss Results (Per New Study)
  13. Jennifer Lawrence Movies: From 'X-Men' To 'The Hunger Games' And Beyond
  14. Things You'll Never Get Back After Your Breakup (Including Your Favorite Hoodie)
  15. If You Were Creeped Out By R. Kelly's Sex Cult, Here Are 6 Other Cults That Are Just As Effed Up
  16. Terrifying Things From Your Childhood That Would Make You Laugh Now
  17. If You Like 'Black Mirror', You Should Watch These Netflix Shows And Movies
  18. People Share What It's Like To Walk In On Their Partner Cheating And Yep, Love Is Dead
  19. What Women Are Really Thinking When You Stare At Their Breasts (Hint: It's Not Great, Guys)
  20. Long Hairstyles For Men That Should've Been Retired Years Ago
  21. 5 Things You've Heard About Online Dating That Are Complete BS
  22. 'The Incredibles 2' Sneak Peek Is Finally Here, and They’re Kicking Major Ass
  23. How To Prepare Salmon Like A F'in Pro (With Tips From Chef Kevin Nashan)
  24. Justin Bieber Tried To Slide Into Cute Girl's DMs (Failed Harder Than Singing 'Despacito' Live)
  25. A Florida High School Football Coach Has Died After Selflessly Shielding Students From Gunfire
  26. Some Guy Popped All The Blackheads In His Nose At Once And TBH, It's Mesmerizing (Video)
  27. Holding In Your Pee Causes Some F'ed Up Things In Your Body
  28. Scarlett Johansson: A Look Back At The Roles We've Adored Her In The Most
  29. The Highest-Paid WWE Wrestlers Are Paid Like F'in Mega Superstars
  30. A Man's Guide To Homemade Beef Jerky
  31. The Best Exfoliators To Use Based On Your Skin Type And Where To Buy Them
  32. All The Sugar, Twice The Caffeine: Jolt Cola Is Making A Comeback
  33. 7 'Game Of Thrones' Characters We Wish Would Return For Season 8
  34. BBQ Season Is Right Around The Corner, Guys! Here's How To Properly Clean Your Grill
  35. This Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Is The Pet Of The Future (Video)
  36. We're Not Sure If This Pizza Inside A Burger Inside A Pizza Is Perfection Or Repulsive, You Be The Judge
  37. From Kate Beckinsale To Hilary Duff, Men Reveal Their First Celebrity Crush (And We Tend To Agree)
  38. Dr. Pimple Popper Tackles A Minefield Of Blackheads And We Can't Look Away (Video)
  39. Samsung Finally Plans To Release A Bendable Galaxy Note This Year
  40. Caitlin Arnett Talks Crazy DMs, Dating Tips, And What About Modeling Makes Her Feel So Empowered
  41. How To Dry A Shirt In 30 Seconds For The Extreme Modern Man (Video)
  42. A Woman Discovered 14 Parasitic Worms Living In Her Eye After Thinking It Was Just An Eyelash
  43. The Surprising Benefits Of Being A Middle Child, Per Research (Because 'Middle Child Syndrome' Is BS)
  44. Self-Defense Techniques To Save Your Ass From Nearly Every Situation
  45. Wanna Snag A Wine-Date With Jennifer Lawrence? Here's How...No, We're Not Messing With You
  46. Can Cable Crunches Get You The Defined Abs You've Dreamt Of? Yep, Sure Can (Video)
  47. These Brutal Wrestling Stunts Gone Wrong Will Make You Think The WWE Is 100% Real
  48. The Funniest Sex Terms From A Sex Ed Website Will Make You Giggle Like A Middle-Schooler
  49. This Bulletproof Clothing Is An Absolute Game-Changer (But We're Not Daring Enough To Test It Out)
  50. This John Wick Kill Counter Shows Just How Badass He Is At Wastin' Dudes
  51. The Untold Story About Michael Jordan's Banned Sneakers From 1984 Is A Must-Read
  52. Biggest Relationship Deal-Breakers? Cheating, Ignorance And Bad Manners (Per Study)
  53. This Real Life Transformer That Fires Automatic Weapons Is So Badass (Video)
  54. 7 Big Ol' Questions We Still Have About Fat Tuesday — Answered
  55. How To Make Use Of All The Empty Wine Bottles Your Girlfriend Leaves Around (Video)
  56. Having The Girlfriend Talk Can Be Tough, So We Help Make It Easier With A Few Tips
  57. Matt Ryan's John Constantine Is Back, This Time on 'Legends of Tomorrow'
  58. Lifting Weights: Why Heavier Isn't Always Better (As Per 'Beachbody' Super Trainer Joel Freeman)
  59. Check Out These Incredible Floyd Mayweather Tats That Some Of His Biggest Fans Got
  60. How To Avoid Getting The Flu This Winter
  61. How To Eat Like A Pro Athlete (As Told By Their Nutritionists)
  62. This Couple Took #RelationshipGoals To A Whole New Level After Losing A Combined 400+ Pounds
  63. Elite Matchmaker Sameera Sullivan Tells Us How To Handle February 14th Whether You’re In Love Or Looking
  64. Emma Watson Is Our Absolute Favorite (So We Drop Some Knowledge On You About Her)
  65. Ed Sheeran Reveals That T Swift Is The Perfect Wingman (And Now We Love Her Even More)
  66. 'Dr. Pimple Popper' Is Back With A Nasty Blackhead Removal That'll Make You Lose Your Breakfast
  67. Chelsea Morgensen, Miss Hooters International 2017, Tells Us All About Her Big Win (And Offers Some Dating Advice To Boot)
  68. Just Some Hotel Horror Stories That Will Chill You To The Bone
  69. See What The 'Animal House' Cast Looks Like Today
  70. Older Men Aren't Always Chasing After Younger Women, So Says Research
  71. Your Gym Routine Might Be The Reason Why You're Not Getting A Whole Lot Of Bedroom Action
  72. Kate Upton, Adriana Lima, And 11 Other Authentic Polaroids Of Supermodels Before They Were Famous
  73. A Man's Guide To 'Manscaping'
  74. LeBron James '100 Percent Leaving' Cavs In 2018 (Per Reporter Chris Sheridan's Sources)
  75. What Women Like, Hate And Want You To Do The Most In The Bedroom (Per New Study)
  76. Lightning Bolt Comes Within Feet Of Striking A Guy While He Films A Storm (And It's Scary AF)
  77. How To Build Your Very Own 'Destiny 2' Rocket Launcher (Video)
  78. Tips Every Man Should Know In Order To Get Rich (And Not Die Trying)
  79. Julie Stewart-Binks Tells Us How To Be Cool While Watching Sports With A Woman
  80. Model Describes Her Experiences With 700 Men
  81. Alcohol Doesn't Really Alter Your Personality, Science Confirms (And We're Mortified)
  82. WTF Facts You Never Knew About Famous Las Vegas Acts
  83. These 10 Hidden Images In Popular Logos Are Trippy AF (Video)
  84. Chrissy Teigen Wins Twitter After Slamming Troll Who Claims She Only "Spends Other People's Money"
  85. 14 Scents To Buy Your Lady This Valentine's Day That Smell Better Than Roses
  86. How To Survive A Relationship When One Person Makes More Than The Other
  87. This Might Just Be 'Dr. Pimple Popper's' Gnarliest Cyst Removal Yet (Video)
  88. Model Sherra Michelle Describes Her Perfect Valentine's Day And Schools Us On What Gifts To Never Buy A Lady
  89. Introducing The McLaren Senna, The $1 Million Hypercar Of Our Dreams
  90. Obsessed With Popping Pimples? Then This 'Pop It Pal' Is The (Weird) Toy For You
  91. Remember The Brilliance Of Carrie Fisher By Watching Her 'Star Wars' Audition Tape
  92. Everything We Still Don't Know About The Titanic Sinking
  93. Very Drunk British Man Gets Tooth Pulled In A Pub (Video)
  94. 6 Survival Tips We All Believe That Are Actually Bullsh*t
  95. Bikini-Clad Snorkeler Nearly Becomes Lunch For A Shark In Scary Video
  96. How To Date A Co-Worker
  97. Man Savagely Trolls Cheating Ex-Girlfriend By Editing Her Apology Note That Goes Viral
  98. This Nerf Dart That's Faster Than The Speed Of Sound Is F'in Terrifying (Video)
  99. Hulk Hogan's Favorite Wrestling Moment Is A Big 'F You' To Anyone Who Doubted Him
  100. Advice On Making The Most Kick-Ass Sandwich Known To Man
  101. How To Impress A Beautiful Woman (Featuring FHM Girlfriend Ekaterina)
  102. 7 Netflix Tips, Tricks, And Hacks You Should Absolutely Know About
  103. The Massive Tip Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich Left For One Lucky Server Proves He Has A Soul
  104. Former WWE Wrestler Mick Foley Shares Nasty Scar From Hip Surgery That'll Make You Dry Heave
  105. Underrated '90s Comedies That You Need To Re-Watch Right Now
  106. How Your Pet Attracts (Or Repels) The Opposite Sex, According To This Study
  107. Chiara Nasti, Italian Fashion Blogger, Hilariously Printed Her Haters' Comments On Toilet Paper
  108. 17 Times Sophie Turner Was Our Favorite Lady On 'Game Of Thrones' On And Off-Screen
  109. This Girl Looks So Much Like Ariana Grande That It's Actually Freaking Us Out
  110. The New Name (And The Cheap Eats) On The Updated McDonald's Value Menu
  111. If You Say These Three Phrases To Your Partner, Be Prepared To Be Sleeping On The Couch
  112. David Beckham And Wife Victoria Pay A Sh*t Ton In Taxes Each Day
  113. Guy Spends 4.5 Years Building An Amazing Minecraft World And The Results Are So Wicked
  114. Sylvester Stallone's 'Rocky III' Diet Was Straight-Up Savage, Including Up To 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day
  115. Become Your Own Super-Suited Hero — Because Men's Suits Are Meant To Be Worn On The Daily
  116. 10 Things The Soldiers Of Reddit Want You To Know About Joining The Army
  117. A Group Of Dudes Decided To Beat The Heat With Waterslide BASE Jumping And The Results Are Freakin' Epic (Video)
  118. The 8 Items Of Clothing Every Man Should Own
  119. Never-Before-Seen: Declassified 1940s Nuclear Bomb Test Footage
  120. Your 'Unit' Can Now Be Enlarged By A Crazy Injection
  121. The Most Dangerous Drug In The World Is Something You've Probably Already Taken...
  122. Guy Jumps Into A Shark Tank To Prove He's Awesome, Regrets It Instantly
  123. Video Shows How Chicken McNuggets Are Made And It's Not Nearly As Gross As You Think
  124. This Woman Walked Pantsless Through Hong Kong And No One Even Noticed
  125. A Man's Guide To The Best Beers In The World
  126. Jokes From A Gorgeous Woman (As Told By Comedian/Actress/Model Uldouz Wallace)
  127. A List Of Over 50 Apps With Money-Stealing Malware Was Recently Released
  128. Reporter Gets Slapped On Live TV After Accidentally Grabbing The Breast Of Random Video Bomber
  129. A Woman Complaining Of A Headache Discovered A Spider Living In Her Ear (Video)
  130. How To (Realistically) Become A Millionaire By Your 30th Birthday
  131. Women Get Turned On By Some Pretty Weird Sh*t, According To New Research
  132. 5 Facts That Will Make You Ask 'WTF'?
  133. How To Overcome Your Insecurities And Become The Most Fearless Man You Can
  134. The Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of Without Putting On A Lot Of Pounds Still Pack Some Taste
  135. We're Here To Pump You Up: The Best Chest Exercises For Building Muscles
  136. Demi Lovato's R-Rated Slang Words For The 'Lady Parts' Only Makes Us Crush On Her More
  137. Meet Blade Sports, The Badass Competition That Tests Your Cutting Skills
  138. Joaquin Phoenix Might Be Next, So Here’s Every Actor Who Has Played the Joker
  139. 5 Things You've Heard About Cheaters That Are Complete BS
  140. A History Of Famous Serial Killers Who Have Never Been Caught
  141. Watch: Sumo Wrestlers With A Combined Weight Of 1,000 Pounds Collide In Slow Motion
  142. 10 Models Tell Us Some Valentine's Day Memories, Gift Tips And The Difference Between Cheesy And Romantic
  143. Donald Trump's Hair Flew Off His Head, But, We've Decided Not To Laugh At Him (Video)
  144. There Are Burning Questions For 'Game Of Thrones', And We've Got (Some) Answers
  145. Hearing Country Artists Read Mean Tweets Sounds Like A Perfect Topic For A New Song
  146. Release Your Inner-Shakespeare With These Rude Valentine's Day Poems
  147. How To Remove Those Pesky Scratches From The Interior Trim Of Your Car
  148. From Spongebob To Pikachu, There's A Psychological Reason Behind Cartoon Characters Being Yellow
  149. 45 Netflix Action Films That'll Kick Your Ass
  150. A Running List Of All The Netflix Original Movies Coming In 2018
  151. Nintendo Producer Solves The Infamous Toad Mystery: Is That A Hat Or His Head?
  152. The Top Reasons People Cheat Are A Lot More Complicated Than Just Physical, Per Study
  153. How Did Life Begin On Earth? Science Might Have Just Cracked The Case
  154. Truly Revolting Fast Food Facts That Might Make You Think Twice About Taco Bell
  155. Why I’m 100% Done Watching 'Game Of Thrones' Forever
  156. How To Have A Wild Time In The Bedroom (Even If You're Not Packing Heat Below The Belt)
  157. Seeing How Easy It Is To Board A Plane Without A Boarding Pass Has Us Really Questioning TSA
  158. This Guy's Club Flip Might Just Be The Most Epic Golf Trick Shot We've Seen (Video)
  159. 25 Actors Who Have Played Superman
  160. The Top 9 Cars To Buy New Over Used That Will Actually Save You Money
  161. 5 Emojis No Man Should Ever Send To A Woman
  162. 12 Times The 'Choosing Beggars' Subreddit Was The Craziest Forum On The Internet
  163. Kobe Bryant's "Kobe 1 Protro" Are A Mix Of Old School Design With Modern Day Tech
  164. The 13 Most Badass Female Characters From Film And TV (As Told By Reddit)
  165. Impatient Guy Tries To Pop His Own Cyst And The Results Are Stomach Churning (Video)
  166. You Can Turn Your Ancient 'Nintendo 64' Into A Dock For The 'Nintendo Switch' In Just A Few Simple Steps
  167. Instagram Models Share Their Best Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions (So, Take Notes, Guys)
  168. The Pocket Hammer: The Slingshot That Fires 350 Feet Per Second
  169. When It's OK To Please Yourself, Watch Dirty Movies And Even Fart In Front Of Your Significant Other
  170. Why Being Fired Can Actually Be The Best Thing For You (Yes, We're Serious)
  171. The Workout Classes You're Guaranteed To Meet Women At (As Told By Model Ashley Resch)
  172. MMA Fighter Almost Loses His Manhood In The Most Intense Groin Shot Ever
  173. Olympic Athlete Kim Glass Talks Training And Tips For How To Compete On The Highest Level
  174. These Actors Were Almost Cast As Bond. James Bond.
  175. What To Do When She Says 'I'm Fine' (As Told By Actress Brooke Burfitt)
  176. Want To Last Longer In Bed? Experts Give Their Tips On How To Go Allll Night Long
  177. 'Sammi Sweetheart' Has Come A Long Way Since Her 'Jersey Shore' Days
  178. Some Guy Won A Ton Of Money After Playing Lottery Numbers He Saw In A Dream
  179. Ryan Reynolds Dropped Another 'Deadpool 2' Poster And It's Got A Hilarious 'Flashdance' Twist
  180. Kite Surfer Nearly Becomes Lunch For A Massive Great White Shark In Terrifying Video
  181. These 'Sh*t, My Parents Were Right' Moments Will Make You Feel Older Than You Wanna Admit
  182. How To Tackle Thinning Hair: Tips From A Stylist
  183. NASA Reinvented The Wheel With This Shape Memory Alloy Tire (Video)
  184. How Not To Sound Dumb When: Talking About Winter Olympic Sports
  185. Watch This Maryland 'Terps' Fan Smash A Beer Against Her Head Then Chug It Like A Damn #BossLady
  186. The Best Cocktails To Fight The Flu ('Cause Boozing's Our Favorite Way To Stay Healthy)
  187. Signs That You're A Keeper, As Told By (Brutally Honest) Women
  188. We Answered The Top 10 Most Googled Sex-Ed Questions (Because Most Health Teachers Suck)
  189. 7 Things That Pia Muehlenbeck Wants You To Know
  190. Missing 'Game Of Thrones'? Netflix's 'Altered Carbon' Is The Perfect Cyberpunk Distraction
  191. Forget Rogaine! A Chemical In McDonald's Fries Can Cure Baldness (Per Research)
  192. How To Get A Woman's Attention At The Bar (Successfully)
  193. Female Student Sends Hilariously Regrettable Email To A Tutor While She Was High
  194. A Cheap Man's Guide To Drinking Crappy Beer
  195. Here's How To Keep A Long-Term Relationship Hot No Matter What
  196. Brendan Fraser Was Like The '90s Version Of Chris Pratt — So, Uh, Whatever Happened To That Guy?
  197. Insane Wife Actually Weighs Husband's "Family Jewels" To See If He's Been Fooling Around On Her
  198. Lady's Plan To Prove Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets Are A Waste Of Money Backfires In Awesome Way
  199. This Footage Of A Motorcyclist Flying 250 Feet Off A Cliff Has My Stomach Doing Some Serious Backflips
  200. Lindsey Pelas On Sliding Into Her DMs: "Famous A-Listers Have Messaged Me"